About Breaking Through!

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The Breaking Through! Musical Theater Intensive is a three-day musical theater and arts workshop for the bleeding disorders community, produced by Believe Limited and sponsored exclusively by BioMarin.  Teen participants from around the country will be flown to New York City to learn and perform a 6-song musical about the psychosocial and general health aspects of being a young person with a bleeding disorder. Material will be custom-written based on participant guidance during the application process.

The weekend will culminate in a performance for local bleeding disorders community members, family, and friends, followed by a talk-back with the 25 participants. The entire weekend will be photographed and filmed, with subsequent educational material being created and distributed year-round.

The objective of this ground-breaking new program is to provide powerful, engaging education on the healing and therapeutic power of the arts and self-expression. Though the focus will be primarily on singing and performance, we will have trained facilitators conducting breakout sessions on subjects like:

- The Impact of Breathing & Relaxation on Pain Management, incl. Breathing Techniques

- The Psychosocial Benefits of Communication, incl. Healthy Communication Practices         

- The Therapeutic Value of Self-Expression in the Arts

Our community does an incredible job of working to inspire our young people to participate in physical activity. We believe that the next frontier of health and wellness must be the arts and self-expression. Follow Believe's BloodStream Media Facebook page to see why!